The new Garden Suites at Darling Lodge - Your home away from home!

What a start into the roaring 20’s of the 21st century. After many interesting talks with friends and guests we are ready to face the next big step in the history of Darling Lodge Guest House. Right in time for this year’s wildflower season in September and the next winter on the northern hemisphere the new Garden Suites will be ready for long stay guests. Finally you got a home away from home in Darling!

Appearing in a rather modern green house style, the new Garden Suites will come with wide sliding doors facing a private veranda and the lush garden. All three units come with a little kitchenette, a living/lounge, an open loft upstairs and are designed to accommodate two guests.

Our architect Michael Orchard is a specialist in sustainable and green building. „Since the main house dates back to the 1860’s and is registered as historic building grad 3b, I tried to blend in the new creation with the old established land marks like the pepper trees in the garden and the main house“. On the 13 January 2020 the plans were submitted to the authorities and in the mean time we are busy dealing with quotes for Photo Voltaic energy (PV), building, roofing etc. We keep you updated...

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